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Customized Server Solutions

We design custom server solutions for enterprise IT

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The Right Source for Enterprise Computing

We pride ourselves as one of the leading enterprise computing solutions

Our Services About us

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The Best Storage Solutions you can GET !

We offer perfect storage solutions catering to your increasing Data Volumes needs

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The Right Network Fit

When You Need Staffing Help

Our Services About us

To be the most trustworthy and respectful Information Technology organization accepted by our clients for delivering superior and quality services.

To serve our clients by providing timely services that meet their business demands. We provide a mutual culture enabling everyone to prosper professionally.

Our core values determine how we operate our business. Enhance skills, Compete with self, Exceed expectations and act as partner for clients.

Our Core Capabilities

With our remarkable market reputation and excellent services, there are numerous reasons to choose us.

Quality Service

We deliver valuable IT solutions to a wide range of clients in the SMB, corporate and Public Sector through a mix of services delivering quality service thereby providing dependable commitments; ensuring long standing and happy relationships.

Quick Delivery

Megahertz prides itself on its quick delivery times. We have the the right price… delivered at the right time. Whatever your IT demand is we ensure it arrives at your doorstep the next business day locally and within two business days anywhere within India.

Good Market Reputation

Megahertz has been established over 25 years ago and have been striving hard to keep our reputation for quality and service. We believe the key to building successful business is through relationships and it is our aim to ensure our clients return to us based on our reputation.

Professional Team

We take pride in the strength of our team. We offer the perfect mix of experience and innovation, with our second to none technical capabilities to ensure our team always offers the highest customer service levels. We have a great team of people to help your business achieve success.

Operational Excellence

Business strategies that will defeat the competition must be supported by excellence in execution at every opportunity. Whether the business strategy is to consistently meet the customer’s requirements with the most effective use of resources.

Trusted Partner

Our core capabilities are End User Computing Solutions, IT Infrastructure & Virtualisation Solutions, Data & Storage Solutions, Networking and Security Solutions. We are a trusted IT service provider to SME, Corporate and Public sectors and Partner to a number of best-in-class Vendors.

Our Focus

A commitment to identify best practices, effective policies and finding ways to scale them.

01. Right Technology

Our focus has always been on choosing the right technology for the right environment, and making that technology work intelligently for our customers’ businesses.

02. Better Practices

Committed to doing things the right way, with openness, honesty and respect. We’re totally ethical, transparent and compliant.

03. Better Results

Our strengths of better practices, better people and right technology deliver better results for our clients, our customers and our vendors.

04. Better People

Our people are extremely important to us who help drive our business. We search for people with enthusiasm, passion and commitment and we invest heavily to deliver on a clear promise to develop, involve, recognise and reward our team.

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